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Woodland Path By Tom Mackie. Framed Art.

Woodland Path By Tom Mackie

Woodland Path By Tom Mackie

SKU: B033S4

Artist: Tom Mackie
Tom Mackie has been a photographer all his working life. His degree in commercial photography took him first of all to Los Angeles, where he spent five years as an industrial and architectural photographer. It was during this period that he travelled widely in the Western States, discovering in himself a previously unknown fervour for the beauty of those vast 'cinemascope' panoramas. After that, the confines of a Los Angeles commercial studio were never going to hold him. Tom married his art to this new-found passion and embarked on a 'til death-do-us-part' relationship with landscape photography.
Moving to the UK in 1985, he pursued a full-time career as a landscape photographer. Working with digital, panoramic and large format equipment, Tom's understanding of light and bold use of colour became a hallmark that established his reputation.
“My aim from the first was to develop a clearly defined style of my own by simplifying images down to their basic elements, I consciously attempt to give my compositions more power.”

Product Type: Framed art with a textured varnish finish.

Outer Frame Size: 40” x 28”

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