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Framed fine art print by Garry Brander with a glass and mount finish.

Urban King By Garry Brander

Urban King By Garry Brander

SKU: M413A7B

Product Type: Framed fine art print with a glass and mount finish.

Outer Frame Size: 44" x 35"

Artist: Garry Brander
Glasgow based, he was born in 1983 and graduated with a BA (Hons) from the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in 2011. As well as being a keen artist from an early age, Garry also had a fascination with building-type materials and making things - as a boy he favoured Plasticine, building blocks, Lego and Meccano. Uncertain of what to do as a career when he left school, he then started, somewhat instinctively, to build garages, sheds and house extensions, however he became unsettled and decided that his real interest lay in art construction rather than physical building construction. He undertook an art foundation and portfolio course including graphic design at Anniesland College at the age of 21, before gaining entry to the GSA.
Garry is a very likeable character who paints equally likeable and expressive imaginative landscapes with a particular focus on sheds and huts set against simple, non-cluttered backgrounds. He adds, in a typical humorous fashion - 'My buildings are like me and perhaps all of us - they are not perfect and are at risk of falling apart at the edges.' Indeed, when Brander develops his huts, he is making some lateral observations about our lives. The huts are escapes, which manifest a desire for simplicity rather than the complexity of modern day life, which he considers is dictated and driven by the big brands and a pervasion of media and technology. His constructs invite us to escape and find a safe haven to momentarily retreat to, where we can reflect on the true meaning of life and relationships rather than the racy, almost surreal, modern day treadmill that we can find ourselves on. In creating his sheds (or characters), he encourages us to use the friendly, enigmatic image that he creates within each painting as a parallel reminder to slow down and reflect on what is actually important to us.

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