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Framed fine art print by Frederic Flanet with a hand embellished textured finish.

Régate By Frederic Flanet

Régate By Frederic Flanet

SKU: M434A7B

Product Type: Framed photographic art print with a hand embellished textured finish.

Outer Frame Size: 28" x 28"

Artist: Frederic Flanet
Flanet was born in 1963, he lives and works in France. His works are an altar of repose, one of those very rare places where nothing and no-one blemishes our view of the horizon, surely belonging only to us and the sky. Moments that we wish would go on forever, where sky and earth almost meet, where green and blue monochromes intertwine and then separate, like the glance of two strangers who somehow seem familiar. There is nothing else but you, unbridled nature and this ever-recurring encounter. The works are more than mere landscapes. With each brushstroke, the artist creates what we're all looking for: an answer to why we exist and our place in this weird wonderful world.

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