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Metropolis By Bruce Marion. Framed fine art print with a hand embellished textured finish.

Metropolis By Bruce Marion

Metropolis By Bruce Marion

SKU: M652A3

Product Type: Framed fine art print with a hand embellished textured finish.

Outer Frame Size: 42" x 30"

Artist: Bruce Marion
‘Whether exploring geometric shapes, portraying the human form, or interpreting lush landscapes, Bruce Marion’s lyrical colouration and dramatic use of light and shadow, characterized by his distinctive “inner glow,” seem to illuminate his subjects from their souls.
In all of his work, Marion strives to reflect the inner light playing against the exterior reality, delving into the intersection of inner verses outer spaces. Long a student of the Martial Arts, Marion believes in the chi of inanimate objects, and seeks to “discover” the form and energy of his subjects from within his canvas, rather than to paint them from without. Thus, each piece begins not from a blank canvas, but from a frenetic and wildly colourful abstract under-painting. Then, like sculptor chipping away at a stone, Marion seeks his subject by selectively subtracting information from the canvas before him.

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