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Framed fine art print by Allison Pearce with a glass and mount finish.

Marble Forest By Allison Pearce

Marble Forest By Allison Pearce

SKU: M441A7P

Product Type: Framed fine art print with a glass and mount finish.

Outer Frame Size: 41" x 31"

Artist: Allison Pearce
Allison Pearce was born in Iceland in 1971. Growing up, she painted on anything she could find, including her mother's walls. With this passion ingrained in her at such a young age, Allison sought to pursue her talent at the Art Institute of Reykjavik. During these formative years, Allison found her style and niche in the art world.
Today, Allison Pearce happily paints from her home in Toronto. Embracing traditional methods with contemporary design, she is known for her beautiful and saleable images. Constantly researching décor magazines (her favourite past time) for her next inspiration, Allison incorporates her findings into her unique images.

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