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Framed fine art print by Stan Milne with a glass and mount finish.

Highland Gathering By Stan Milne

Highland Gathering By Stan Milne

SKU: M407A7B

Product Type: Framed fine art print with a glass and mount finish.

Outer Frame Size: 30" x 26"

Artist: Stan Milne
Stan works from a studio in his home on the south side of Glasgow. He pursued a career as an engineer in his 'other life' having started as an apprentice structural draughtsman in the days of drawing boards and pencils and pens but he has always been interested in drawing and painting and he started exhibiting and selling his work after joining a local art group about twenty or so years ago.
Stan is considered to be a self-taught but over the years he have attended many excellent artist demonstrations and much of what he practises now he has learned from these demonstrations; the use of materials, composition, colour etc.. He has sketched and painted in various media over the years including pastels and watercolour but he now use mainly acrylics on canvas. The basis of his paintings are mainly in the form of landscapes but his more recent work usually has a figurative element which he finds can be a lot of fun. It would be fair to say that there is a bit of a technical drawing style to his artwork.

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