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Framed fine art print by Ella K with a glass and mount finish.

Early Bloom I By Ella K

Early Bloom I By Ella K

SKU: M444A7P

Product Type: Framed fine art print with a glass and mount finish.

Outer Frame Size: 39" x 29"

Artist: Ella K
Elizabeth is a talented and successful artist working in the field of textile and wallpaper design. She is a graduate of industrial design with international experience in design and production.
Through study and research, she has a full and complete understanding of the intrinsic elements of art and design on an international scale. It is an understanding that results in successful interpretations of client ideas every time.
Elizabeth has travelled widely and broadened her visual frame of reference, making her knowledgeable and conversant with design influences ranging from the antiquities and the early illuminated manuscripts, to the works of Whistler, Beardsley and Frank Lloyd Wright, to the design markers of modernism and post-modernism.
In 2006, Elizabeth launched a new creation. She opened Ella K, a Toronto-based studio, to offer design services for posters, wallpaper and textiles and, to explore new techniques in design and execution and fresh expressions of timeless art.

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