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Autumn Walk By John Rivera. Framed photographic art print with a glass and mount finish.

Autumn Walk By John Rivera

SKU: K125A6-130

Product Type: Framed photographic art print with a glass and mount finish.

Outer Frame Size: 32” x 24”

Artist: John Rivera
John Rivera is a self-taught musician, photographer, and artist. He was drawn into the creative aspect of digital art through his photography. “I like to look at any photo as an opportunity to capture and create an inspiring visual element of art by way of digital enhancement.”
Born in New York City into a family of 6 siblings, he was forced to compete for space. You could usually see John off in a corner or at a table drawing with pencil or crayon. Crude and basic as the drawings may have been, they were the fuel for a passion that would grow with time. John also discovered the inspirational joy of photography in his mid-teenage years and it never left him. Later, as technology advanced, he became fascinated with the ability to create diverse forms of art from his photos.
His first love is nature and landscapes. You will frequently see forests, trees, sky, clouds, and you might see some birds in those skies.
Photography is where all my passion for art comes together. “I am happy to share with all who love art in its many forms...”

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