Spires Art for Offices


We work with you to understand your existing artwork, the opportunities presented by any new space you plan to occupy, your communications goals and financial constraints, in order to produce a clear actionable art strategy that meets your needs.

Project Management 

We have unmatched experience of working seamlessly with clients, architects, interior designers and construction managers to deliver our art projects on time and on budget. Our consultants are experienced in the use of project management techniques including resource scheduling, GANTT charts, and risk assessment.


We will make a physical audit of your existing artwork to confirm location and physical condition. Written notes and photos are then entered into your existing database or one we provide. We would usually deliver an audit with a schedule of maintenance required. An audit is often required prior to any valuation.


We have long-standing relationships with several framers that are reliable, cost-effective and will work with us to create a customised solution for you that complements your interiors and enhances your artwork.


We will value your art collection on an insurance or market basis, using a combination of our own internal and 3rd party databases. We can also call upon the expertise of the main auction houses as required for any specialist input.


We utilise several installation teams that are reliable, cost-effective and can provide all required methods statements, risk assessments, insurances to work on site.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We see an art programme as a valuable platform for engagement in the local community and are experienced in liaising with local schools and arts communities to provide these added CSR benefits.


We are always delighted to assist you in getting the most out of your investment in art through effective communication. This can include the compilation of a catalogue for internal or external use, assistance with PR or internal communications or even the organisation of artists talks.


 We have a rigorous and well proven process for purchasing art for you, both directly from the Artist and where necessary via their own dealers and galleries. We always seek the best price and in many cases our established relationships and regular purchases enable us to achieve a discount for you.

Sale of Art

 We have solid experience in the sale of artwork for clients, and can arrange sales through auction houses and dealers at excellent commission rates, as well as on occasion taking work back on consignment for resale, or arranging for it to be sold or distributed to staff.

Art Selection

Art SelectionDrawing on any Art Strategy we have prepared, we will work with you to select the most appropriate artwork for your business, building and budget. We have an unmatched database of artists that is constantly refreshed as well as long established relationships with top galleries worldwide. We can work remotely with digital imagery and presentation software or hang our gallery for you to inspect and select your art in person.


 We can also manage the more complex process of commissioning bespoke and integrated artwork for your space rather than ready-made pieces. This requires additional experience and technical skills that we are able to deploy on your behalf.


We can assist in obtaining additional funds for your art programme or specific commission from government or charitable sources.

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