Weaving Local Landmarks into your Business’ Artwork

By Gareth McAleer 6th September, 2023

In the dynamic world of hospitality, creating a memorable and inviting atmosphere is paramount. One way to achieve this is by infusing a touch of local charm and history into your establishment’s décor through artwork. In our exploration of artistic heritage, we’ll unveil how you can seamlessly incorporate local landmarks into your business’ artwork, creating a unique and authentic space.

The Essence of Local Landmarks

Local landmarks are not just physical structures; they are repositories of stories, memories, and community identity. Whether it’s an iconic clock tower, historic bridge, or quaint town square, these landmarks embody the spirit of a place. Harnessing this essence can create a genuine and engaging connection with your patrons. It reminds visitors of the unique allure of the area and fosters a sense of place. At the Ebrington Hotel in Northern Ireland, guests are treated to a captivating feature wall. This unique piece showcases a contemporary wallpaper pattern that beautifully depicts the Ebrington Square which was built in the 19th century. It’s not just decor; it’s a portal to the past, offering guests a glimpse into history.

Image from Booking.com

A Connection that Resonates

Hospitality businesses can transport guests and customers to the heart of the destination through art. Local landmarks can serve as focal points in rooms or common areas, offering a window into local culture. In an era where authenticity is a sought-after commodity, your business can stand out as a beacon of genuine experience. Tourists are no longer content with cookie-cutter establishments; they seek places that offer a true reflection of the region they’re exploring. In Belfast’s renowned Titanic Hotel, an immersive experience awaits visitors as public spaces are thoughtfully adorned with a blend of vintage posters, rare historical photographs, and contemporary artworks, all set against the backdrop of preserved architectural features.

Upon entering, guests are not only welcomed but encouraged to embark on a journey through the hotel’s exclusive art and heritage collection. It’s an invitation to delve into the rich tapestry of history and culture that the Titanic Hotel proudly shares with its esteemed guests.

Image from Titanic Hotel Belfast

Homegrown Talent

Local artists are the keepers of a region’s soul. They intimately understand the landscapes, architecture, and stories that define a place. Collaborating with local artists not only supports the creative community but also ensures that your business’s artwork reflects an insider’s perspective. These artists can capture the essence of local landmarks in ways that resonate deeply with both residents and visitors. A prime illustration of this artistic synergy can be found in the works of Keith Drury, a highly regarded Belfast artist who has developed his own unique style which presents a vibrant and contemporary interpretation of the urban landscape. Months of exacting work go into each picture often yielding surprises to the eagle-eyed. His artwork could give your business a unique identity, setting you apart from competitors and communicates that you’re not just another establishment but a custodian of the area’s history and charm.

Images from Irish Art Plus


Incorporating local landmarks into your business’ artwork is more than just aesthetics; it’s a way of elevating every customer experience. It connects people with their surroundings, fosters community pride, and leaves a lasting impression. Artwork featuring local landmarks doesn’t merely decorate; it tells a story.

So, what story would you like your walls to tell?

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