Spires Art – Hampton by Hilton, Belfast

By Colm Mac Rory 11th March, 2021

Hampton by Hilton is a very well-known and reliable name around the world, where top-quality service is expected and delivered time and time again.

Spires Art has worked on several locations for the group including Belfast, Blackpool, Edinburgh and Oxford, mirroring this renowned reliability.

We have provided each hotel with framed artworks, mirrors and glass panels, each tailored to the specific location and what best fits their vision.

We like to build up a good working relationship with the likes of Hilton by Hampton as they get to know how we work and know exactly what to expect from the finished result, which is why we were chosen to provide bespoke artworks and specially finished substrates for the Belfast location. We get to know how the designers we work with think and like to be one step ahead when it comes to the creative process and sharing our knowledge with like-minded individuals.

With over 30 years’ experience in the hotel sector, Spires Art has a very high reputation with contractors, interior designers, architects and end users alike. It’s our ability to develop products to meet the individual requirements of a particular project that sets us apart, combining creativity with practicality.

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